Hal Atkinson
Drums, Vocals

Hal Atkinson - Born in Merced, California in 1951. Iím the third oldest of eight children. I have four brothers and three sisters. Both of my parents were musicians. My mother played piano. My father played Trombone and Trumpet in the big band era. He played with Stan Kinton for a couple of years. He was also a pro golfer. He taught me to play when I was a teenager. Itís still a hobby of mine. There were always instruments in our house as we were growing up and all of the kids played and or sang. In the early 1960ís I moved from Merced to the Bay Area. In the Mid 60ís my brothers and I put a band together and played in local clubs around the Bay Area. We were inspired by the Beetles. We played together until the mid 70ís. In 1977 I moved to L.A.. Thatís when I started recording and touring with Stephen Bishop. I was with his band until 1982. In 1982 I moved back to the Bay Area and played in top 40 bands in local night clubs. In 1989 I was hired at the Saddle Rack night club playing country music. Thatís where I met R.W. Smith. I joined his band, the ďCalifornia CowboysĒ in 1992 and have been playing with him ever since. Iím married and have 5 kids with one more on the way. Other hobbies of mine are repairing and rebuilding VWís and of course sports.

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